Cannot Checkout / Checkout not loading

If you are unable to checkout or place your order on our website, it is most likely because you have a browser or a plug-in that blocks ads or tracking cookies.



However, we do track where you are on our website (view broser cookies) for the following reasons:

1. Know what page / product you are viewing when asking for help

2. Know what pages or products are causing errors or problems

3. Identify spam bots or scripts that slow down our website

4. Know how any customers are on our website at the same time

5. Increase server resources at busy times, and more.

Temporarily disable your ad-blocker to checkout

Plug-ins like uBlock for Chrome or entire browsers that block ads like Brave might not allow our website to load checkout page for you. You may temporarily disable the blocker while you check out.


The image above shows that Brave browser blocked 2 "ads" on our website. However, they are not ads. The first one is Google Analytics tracking cookies that we use and the 2nd is a part of our Paypal payment plug-in that helps customers checkout with Paypal payment option.

You can safely disable ad blocker or our website. We are actively working on a solution that will prevent plugins and browsers like this to totally break our checkout page and instead simply just block our cookies, which we do not mind at all. Please contact us for any additional help. 


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