My Item looks used or not like new

Pomade Club does not sell used products. Our quality assurance process does not involve touching or poking inside the product. Before shipment, we do make sure the lids are tightly closed and check the products for damage. 

Holes and Cracks

Many of the products we sell on Pomade Club are home-made or "hand-crafted" from different home-based manufacturers aka "Brewers." Different brewers have different ways of producing their products. Sometimes it might seem that the product you received is used, but you can trust that it is not.

Below is our most common example:


The holes you see in the middle are made during manufacturing. Sometimes thermometers are inserted to check temperature. Other times, these holes appear while the pomade is cooling. 


Sometimes you might see pomade has cracks. These are also the result of cooling during the brewing process. Some pomades use a blend of complex ingredients that settle a bit during the cooling process, making the top layer very fragile and thus create cracks as the pomade settles or is transported during shipping. 

Dimples, Empty Spaces, and Viscosity



When a pomade, beard balm, aftershave etc is at room temperature, it has high viscosity. This means that it looks and feels thick. During transit, delivery truck cargo is not climate-controlled so the temperature can rise inside the truck or plane. This makes the viscosity lower so the product settles in random ways while its bouncing around during transit. This happens mostly during summer time. After it gets delivered, usually the temperature has gone down and once you open it, it might look like its used as shown in the photos above.


Some of our products have very low viscosity in the first place. Products such as shave cream and hair cream pomades are the most affected. There is no way to avoid creamy products from splashing around up the jar's walls or lids during shipment so your product may look like the photo above. 

Extra Thin and Runny Creams

This photo below shows how this product looks when it is settled while upright. Note that this is a new, unused product. Cream has splashed onto the upper walls of the jar during shipment to us from the manufacturer, but it has mostly settled normally.


Below is a different jar, same product. We left this product on its side intentionally for an hour: Similar to what happens during transit or when your package is left on your doorstep. Notice that now the cream has settled on only one side of the jar. Also notice that the cream is now up to the brim of one side of the jar. The empty space you see below looks big, but actually is not because the jar is short and wide.


The photo below shows 2 of the same products side by side. Notice on the left that the manufacturer does not fill this jar with cream all the way to the top. So when the product settles on one side, it appears as if there is cream missing. But the empty space you see on the right is the same empty space on the left. Both of these jars have the same amount of cream in them.


Returns or Exchanges

If you have any doubts about the condition of your product, please contact us. If needed, we can also put you in direct contact with the manufacturer to answer any questions about the brewing process and 

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