Product Review Policy

All customers and guests are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on products they have tried in the form of a review. You may earn points on your reviews, which you can use towards your next purchase. A review, along with a star rating, can be created on any product on our website in the "Review" tab as shown below:


When writing a review, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Be as fair as you can
  • No vulgar language is allowed
  • Focus on the product itself
  • Do not write a review if you have not receive the item yet

Before leaving a negative review

If you are very disappointed or unsatisfied with a product, we encourage you to view this article which talks about what you can do when a product is not working for you. Alternatively, you may visit our Pomade Community on Reddit and discuss your thoughts and perhaps get advice from other users that have experience with the same product.

You may also contact us before you leave a review. It might be possible that you received a bad batch, or perhaps you chose a product that is not ideal for your climate or hair type. We will be happy to help you with any issues you have. 

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