Wholesale turnaround time policy

Due to recent problems with turnaround times, delayed production, no follow-up and no communication from various manufacturers, Pomade Club will now enforce a turnaround time policy that will help protect us from loss and delays that can hurt our business. 

We understand that some small manufacturers:

  • Require payment in advance to cover supplies
  • Use our payment to fund production costs
  • Use our payment to fund personal expenses
  • Take longer to produce due to busy schedules
  • Face delays from their material suppliers
  • Are often overwhelmed with large orders we place
  • Face problems with quality control and formulation

Unfortunately we cannot continue to have thousands of dollars tied up for weeks from several manufacturers at a time, let alone months, especially without any communication. All manufacturers will now be required to provide us with a guaranteed ship date before we make payment. When there is a delay, manufacturers often choose to remain unresponsive. Please don't do this. Instead:

  • Let us know about any delays affecting our order
  • Offer to remove a product from our order that is causing the delay
  • Offer us new guaranteed ship dates
  • Ask us for help. What can we do?
  • Ship what you do have now and the rest later
  • Cancel the order and refund us if it cannot be fulfilled

If we cannot come to a resolution within a reasonable amount of time, we may be forced to take action to recover our payment from you.

Once you are ready, and you have also read our wholesale information, please send an email with your business information and price list to

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