I don't like this item or it doesn't work for me.

If you are not happy with an item, you may return it if it is within our return policy requirements. If the item you purchased is not eligible to be returned, there are several things we can recommend. 

Identify the problem

Is the product you purchased recommended for your specific hair type? Is your hair at an appropriate length for the specific hairstyle you are trying to achieve? Are you applying the product as instructed on the label? Are you aware that some product ingredients require extra amounts of friction/heat to break down the product in your palms or the various techniques you can use to apply the product properly? Do you live in a climate in which the product can perform optimally? Are you using the correct combs, brushes and/or techniques to achieve the style you desire? Is your hair free from any residue or other products that might interfere with the performance of the product you are trying to use? Do you understand how "bedhead" hair can actually work against your product?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, or if you are not sure, the product itself may not be the actual problem.

Experiment with the product

Many of the products we sell are versatile, meaning they have the potential to work with many hair types. Some also work well together with other products and others are actually made to compliment each other. Experimenting will allow you to make use of the product you have and may help you discover new techniques.

There are things that you can do to increase or reduce the amount of hold a product offers, such as styling with damp or dry hair. If the product does not have enough shine, you can add a shinier product as a topper. If it is hard to scoop, you can use a blow dryer to soften it. There is so much you can do. Stop by our Pomade Community and for more advice and tips that you may find helpful.

Give it another try later

Hair length, weather, or climate are just some of the things that might prevent you from achieving your desired hairstyle. Wait a few weeks for your hair to grow longer, try the pomade again after a fresh haircut, or wait until the weather changes.

Sell, Trade, or Give away

If you definitely cannot work with the item, you can give or sell it to a friend, online pomade groups on Facebook or on our Pomade Community on Reddit. You can also trade someone for a different pomade or give it away to a friend. 

Find help

If you need more help, advice, tips, or guidance, head on over to our Pomade Community on Reddit. We have hundreds of members that are willing to offer help or advice you need to make the most out of your purchase.

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