Can you Notify or tell me when an item is back in stock?

We sure can! It is very simple. If an item that you wish to purchase is out of stock, you can easily be notified once it is back in stock. To receive an email once an item is re-stocked:

Go to the product page on our website and click on "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" That's it! Once this item is restocked, you will get an email and you will be able to place an order.

If the item is still out of stock

Please note that sometimes, we might find one or two in our warehouse somewhere and if you are not quick enough, someone else might purchase it before you. If you receive an email notifying you that an item is back in stock, and it is still out of stock once you visit the product page, it most likely means that someone else might have gotten that last one we found.

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