Pre-orders and Backorders

Due to the large number of requests, we may offer pre-orders and backorders on select items. Pre-ordering or back ordering an item will guarantee that the item will be shipped to you immediately after it is back in stock. When an item is not in stock, but available to pre-order or backorder, we will make sure that it is clear that the arrival date is estimated, not guaranteed, and can change at any time.

When placing a pre-order, please understand that it is possible that things may go wrong such as:

  • Manufacturing delays
  • Shipment delays
  • Damage during shipment
  • Manufacturer error or defects
  • Lost or stolen shipment
  • and more

We kindly ask that you please do not backorder or pre-order if you cannot be patient. Orders with multiple items that include a pre-order or backordered item cannot be split or partially shipped. This means your entire order will not be shipped until the pre-ordered item is available. You may cancel the order anytime.

We understand how frustrating it can be when the estimated ship date is not met. We will do our best to ship out pre-orders as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated and will help us continue to offer backorders and pre-orders for future items. 

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