Item I received is different than picture

A good amount of the products we sell at Pomade Club are home-made and often undergo changes in packaging as the manufacturer grows. It is common for an independent manufacturer to design their own labels and packaging when they are first starting but decides to re-brand or re-design their label or entire brand after they first launch.

We try our best to keep our product photos accurate and current, especially if the product has undergone some sort of reformulation, but sometimes when a manufacturer is known to constantly change their packaging, we may not be able to keep up or we may just keep the most commonly recognized photo of the product on our listing and give them time to settle 

There are several reasons why a manufacturer may change the look of their product:

  1. Supplier is out of stock on materials
  2. Re-designing their logos
  3. Re-formulating their product
  4. Considering the environment
  5. Seasonal editions
  6. Limited/Special Editions
  7. Re-branding

If you are looking for an older version of an item that has previously gone through a re-design or if you are very particular on what version of the product you receive, contact us before your purchase to make sure we have the item as pictured.

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