Items coming soon and restock dates

If you are wondering when some of our items will be back in stock, this is the place. Due to the nature of home-based manufacturing, sometimes it can be very difficult to keep products in stock at Pomade Club.

Below you will find estimated dates in which items will be available. These dates are estimated and are subject to change. Restock dates can change and adjust at any time and depend heavily on the manufacturer's production schedules, availability, and actual delivery time.

Restock dates

  • Nostalgic: Early August. Restock plus new items (ordered)
  • O'Douds: Late July (ordered)
  • Pomps Not Dead: Late August (ordering soon)
  • Blvd Nights: Late july (ordered)
  • Flagship: Early August (ordered)

New Brands/Items Coming soon

  • Trade Union Supply Co: Received (Processing Items) (moving delay)
  • Groomed and Grizzly: (processing)
  • Nostalgic Pineapple Cilantro Oil Based Firm Hold Pomade (ordered)
  • Battle Born Water Based Pomade (ordering soon)

New Brands Being Considered

  • All The Kings Men Pomade (waiting for price list)
  • Brū Pom Natural Pomade (waiting for price list)
  • Cut & Caliber (ordering soon)

Brands/Items with undetermined stock date

  • The Daimon Barber 
  • Dr. Rubins 
  • Bluuman
  • Gents & Lords king's clay: Received (Processing Items) (moving delay)(quality issues)

Brands no longer available / considered:

  • Admiral (Manufacturer discontinued distribution)
  • Wulfhead (shipment problems)
  • Grandad's Old Fashioned (shipment problems)
  • Grizzly Brand: TDB (no response)
  • Suavecito 

All other items will be restocked after we sell through more items from the same brand, place a big enough order to meet minimums, wait for a product to be re-designed/reformulated or released.

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