How can I get my products in next month's Pomade Box?

At this time we currently offer 3 options to help you get your products in the Pomade Box. 
  1. You may produce sample sizes of your product(s) on your own and sell it to us. Minimum .25oz to 1oz max
  2. We can repackage your product on our own .25oz plastic water-proof jars. (see attached photos)
  3. Allow us to repackage for now while you work on producing your own samples later
The first option is great if you have the time and resources to produce your own samples. The second option is great for busy, smaller, or independent manufacturers or ones that think our repackaging is sufficient. Third options is best if you have samples in production or coming soon.
Our Repackaging Process
Repackaging simply consists of scooping out your product into our own .25oz jars (with small, sterilized, stainless steel scoops). We then scan or make your top label, add text to properly identify the sample if needed, and print it out in high quality specialized 1 inch round Avery labels on a precision core printer with durable pigment ink. 
Most of the manufacturers we are working with have opted for us to repackage their product, or repackage for now while they work on their samples. Ideally, we hope one day to eliminate the need for repackaging, but for now It is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to distribute the samples and keeps the Pomade Box affordable for everyone in these crucial beginning stages.
Managing Costs
We are constantly trying to improve the box, so you can expect it grow and evolve over time, especially with your support. If you are a smaller company concerned about the high initial costs of sample production, we can discuss the possibility of adding your samples to a future permanent box. We will have several to choose from, such as a beginner's water based box that anyone can purchase at any time. This way you can order more materials, keep your costs down, and expect steady sales from us.
Other Opportunities
If at this time you are not interested, unable to produce samples, or have concerns about our repackaging method, please let us know so we can discuss other options. Alternatively we can instead simply feature a full size of one of your products as the main "featured" or promo item as we have started doing. However, this will increase the price of the box and therefore we would need to discuss ways we can work together to bring the price down for the promo item only. We will allow you to include business cards, stickers, flyers etc and can offer other great benefits for working with us to have your product featured.
We are confident that the Pomade Box is a great, fun, and creative way to promote new brands and products as well as increase sales for everyone involved. The possibilities are endless. We are open to suggestions. There is so much more we have planned based off of this program and we hope to have you onboard. We look forward to hearing from you.
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