What is the Pomade Box?

Every month Pomade Club offers a box full of hair product samples, accessories, stickers, and more goodies for you to enjoy. The Pomade Box is great for:

  1. Beginners or people who are not yet familiar with pomade
  2. Discovering new brands and trying new, innovative products
  3. Sampling products before committing to buying full sizes
  4. Reviewers who want to learn more about products
  5. Gifters, collectors, enthusiasts, and more

The Pomade Box also helps you avoid having to resell, give away or discard full-sized products that you do not like. You will also qualify for other great deals on products on our website when you add the Pomade Box to your cart. See our deals page for more info.

What's inside

The items in the Pomade Box vary from month to month. We try our best to give you a variety of products, however, working with manufacturers is not always easy due to the high costs of production, limited resources, busy schedules, deadlines, and the nature of hair products, in general. We try to include:

  • 5-7 samples of hair products. (size depends on manufacturer)
  • 1 full size sample of a "Featured" manufacturer product
  • 2-5 Stickers from participating manufacturers
  • 1 Coupon for a discount on your next purchase of a full sized version of any product in your box for orders placed within that month on our website.
  • Other extras like pins, flyers, collectibles, and more from manufacturers (participation will vary)

Add-ons may also be included as an optional upgrade to your box at a discounted rate. These are items that are bigger than sample sizes but not quite as big as a regular size, such as a 1 ounce tin of Reuzel. The price of these add-ons vary due to the extra costs of production and shipping charges.

The Future of the Pomade Box

The Pomade Box is still in its beginning stages. We aim to improve the box every month so with your support, we can grow the idea, gain more participation from manufacturers, cut down costs, and make the Pomade Box awesome. Here is a peak at what the Pomade Box can look like in the future.

We are currently working on adding new features to the Pomade Box such as:

  • Monthly automatic subscription options
  • Build your own Pomade Box
  • Beginner's Box for new Pomade users
  • Luxury Box featuring full sizes only
  • and more!

We look forward to working with hundreds of manufacturers, introducing new brands and products to people from all over the world, and spreading awareness to the wonderful world of pomade. 

To purchase a Pomade Box, click here.

If you are a manufacturer interested in having your products featured in the Pomade Box, contact us

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