I haven't received my item (USA Customers)

If your item is still in transit

If your tracking information still shows as your item is still in transit even after these estimated delivery dates, please continue to wait at least 2 more business days as there is not much we can do either. Usually, most delays are resolved by this time. In the meantime, log into your account or check your email to confirm that the shipping address you gave us was correct.

If the tracking status shows that the package has been sent back to us due to incorrect address, please let us know to expect this item and we will contact you to arrange a re-shipment once we receive it.

If the tracking status shows that the package is being sent back and forth, or keeps re-routing, or if you see delivery attempts being made but haven't actually received it, it probably means the mailman is trying to deliver your package and for some reason, it cannot be delivered. This can happen due to an issue with the address, street closures, construction, weather, dogs on premises, damaged package, or other issue that is out of our control. Please contact us if you have not received your package after 2 weeks. If you paid for expedited shipping we will gladly reimburse you. We appreciate your patience in this case.

If your item shows as delivered

Log into your account or check your email to confirm that the shipping address you gave us was correct. Sometimes customers forget to change their shipping address if they move.

If the address is correct, please check with your neighbors, roommates or relatives to see if they received your package for you. Sometimes the mail man will leave your package with neighbors, a receptionist, front desk, manager's office, mailbox or accidentally deliver it to the wrong address. Other times a roommate or relative will bring your package in and forget to tell you about it. If you still can't find your package, contact us. In the meantime ask the mailman, if you see him, about your package. Sometimes a package is scanned as delivered early by mistake. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the mailman scans the package as delivered but actually delivers it the next day. Half the time, packages that show as delivered are found; either someone received your package by mistake and sends it back to the post office for re-delivery or a neighbor will give it to you personally. We ask that you wait an additional 3 days before we officially declare your package as lost.

If your item shows delivered to a P.O. Box but you do not see it, please contact the clerk or employee at the post office and ask them about your package. We will work with the Post Office to locate it. If we are not able to find it, we will consider the item as lost or stolen.

If your order is considered lost

We can arrange a re-shipment of the order if the items you ordered are still in stock, or we can give you a full refund. If you choose to have your order re-shipped, we will cover the shipping again for free as a courtesy. However, signature will be required for the second shipment and if your order gets lost again, we may not be responsible as shipments with signature confirmation are covered by seller protection and also very rarely get lost.

Please also note that any future orders may require signature confirmation until you establish or re-establish a fair delivery rate. We understand how inconvenient it can be having your package lost, but we do all we can to make sure your package is delivered. 

Mail Theft

We take mail theft very seriously. If there is reason to believe that your package was stolen, we will file a mail theft complaint with the United States Postal Inspection Service, which is the federal law enforcement and security arm of the USPS. The Postal Inspection Service may contact you only if more information is needed. We appreciate your help and cooperation to help recover stolen packages or help deter mail theft in your area.

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