Customs Holding, Taxes, Duties, Delays, & Import Issues

Most of the time, customs takes only a few days to process your shipment. But sometimes it might take longer especially for countries such as France, Italy, Australia, Eastern and South American countries. Sometimes shipping addresses labels on the box may get wet or damaged during transit. Sometimes the address our customers provide us is incorrect or missing an apartment/unit number. There may be other reasons, such as import duties, inspections, or damaged box, but these are not common.


There is no way to know if your package will be held at customs for inspection. Inspections are random. If your item is being placed on hold for any reason, Customs may NOT notify you, unfortunately. There are several reasons why your package may be held,  It is your responsibility to contact your local postal center, ask about your package and work with them to fix the problem. Sadly, if you do not contact them in time, they might discard or ship the package back to us. Contact us for any questions.

Taxes and Duties

There is no way to know if customs will decide to impose an import tax or duties for your package. Sometimes you may not pay any taxes and other times you might. Some countries impose taxes over a certain dollar amount and these amounts can change without notice. Sometimes its just luck. Most customers do not pay extra customs import taxes, duties or fees. 

We ship most items with a wholesale value to help with fees, but we cannot be responsible for any additional costs and we cannot guarantee a tax free delivery each time. Please do not confuse these taxes, duties or fees for additional shipping costs. These are import taxes, not shipping charges. Any requests to add a specific dollar value on the parcel may be denied or ignored. If you have any questions please be sure to contact us before the order is placed. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Taking action and Other Advice

One thing you can try to do is contact your nearest post office / carrier and ask them if they are holding your package. Please provide them with your full name and address and tracking number(s). If your package is being held because they require information from you, they might be able to resolve the problem and release your package for delivery. This method is not guaranteed to work, but some lucky customers have successfully resolved their delivery issue with this method.

What else can you do?

If you are unable to contact your local post office, and if according to your tracking, your package is still stuck somewhere in your country, please see our "I still have not received my items" article for more information.

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