Discontinuation of Economy Shipping Rates

***Update: As of March 15, 2018 we are now offering discounted Economy International Shipping rates once again. However, delivery time can take up to 45 days. Patience is appreciated when selecting this method***

Pomade Club is known for the best international shipping rates and for years we have been offering free and discounted rates to many countries. Sadly, as of January 2018, we can no longer continue our discounted international shipping rates. This decision is based on the steadily-increasing rate of lost packages and delays reported by our customers.

In 2015, delivery time was very fast - usually about 8-12 days for many countries and tracking worked well. However, in January of 2016, we noticed an increase in delivery time for packages and we also noticed that tracking no longer worked after the package left the USA.

Towards the end of 2017, there was a substantial increase in customers reporting lost packages as well as an increase in transit time. Average delivery time to most countries was now over 3 weeks when it use to be just 1 week. Economy shipping was now very unreliable.

The New Discounted Priority Mail Method

In order to avoid these problems, we discontinued Economy and Standard Shipping. However, after working with our third party shipping providers, we can now offer our customers great deals on Priority Mail International shipping method, which is very reliable, can be tracked all the way to your doorstep, is insured, and takes only 6 - 10 days for delivery to most countries. Standard retail price for Priority Mail is about $30 but our pricing starts at only $10 for a lightweight item under 6 ounces to to most countries ($8.50 for Canada) and $18 for a package under 2 lbs ($12 for Canada). 

Our old economy shipping (12 - 45 day delivery) was about $8 ($6 for Canada) so for only a few dollars more, we offer Priority Mail, which is much faster and reliable. We hope our customers love it. Some few countries that are not eligible for our discounted Priority Mail rates, such as Mexico, Romania, Taiwan, etc may still be able to select Standard Mail option (12 - 45 days) or pay regular price for Priority Mail.

The Future of Economy/Standard Shipping

We are currently working with our shipping provider to bring back a cheaper shipping option as soon as possible, but it is to be noted that any price lower than our new current prices will no doubt add to the delivery time. 

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