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We are super excited to introduce our Pomade Points Rewards Program! It is a great way for you to earn points towards your next purchases at Pomade Club! Plus, you will get your friends a discount and other great deals!

 How it works: 

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1. Earn Points when you create a Pomade Club account, make a purchase, and/or Sign up for our newsletter.
2. Earn Points instantly by liking any product or page on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, or +1 on Google Plus.
3. Earn points when a friend makes a purchase using your link or coupon code
4. Earn points when you leave a review, rating, or tag a product

It is that easy. Points can be redeemed at checkout! The more points you earn, the more money you save on Pomade!! Sign into your account and click on "My Rewards" link to check your points balance, transactions, or click "Refer Friends" to see your coupon code, links, and share buttons for your friends!  

The Rules 

1. Pomade Points earned are not transferrable. Points can only be used towards your next purchase on

2. If we detect any fraudulent activity, your IP address will be blocked, your account may be closed and your points will be void.

3. You may not earn points if you are reviewing, tagging, liking and/or sharing too fast, too often, or on 2 or more consecutive days. Please do not take advantage of our rewards points system.

4. You will earn points when your friends make a purchase using your coupon or link, but if the order is cancelled, the points will be returned

5. Points earned will have an expiration date. Please check the dates on your rewards account and sign up for expiration alerts

6. Some products, such as limited edition or sale items may not be eligible to earn you points or be purchased with points. 

7. To prevent fraud, there is a maximum of 5000 points you can store in your account.

8. Writing reviews is the best way to earn points. Reviews must be well written and thoughtful. Please do not write short reviews or copy and paste text from a previous review. 

9. You can earn point(s) for each dollar spent on products. Points earned will be based on the subtotal; before discounts or promotions. Money spent on shipping does not count.

10. You will not earn points on an order if you spend points on that same order. If you use 25 points on an order that would otherwise earn you 100 points, it would be wise to use your points at a later time. Use your points carefully. 

For more information view our Rewards Points Policy here.

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