International Delivery: Shipping and cut-off times

Cut-off times

Most orders placed before our cut-off time will be shipped the same day. 

Monday - Friday: 11:00am

Orders placed after the cut-off time will ship the next business day. 

Shipping Process

As we mentioned, most orders usually ship the same day but sometimes we may fall behind. Orders that are placed with free shipping are shipped last. Orders that are placed with expedited (fast or priority) will be shipped first and will receive "rush" treatment. This means that if we are very busy on a Monday, for example, we will ship expedited orders first and then we will ship as many free shipping orders as we can before the mail pickup. To ensure fast order processing and faster delivery, please choose an Expedited Shipping option.

Delivery Times

International Standard or Economy Shipping Can take up to 40 days. For most countries the delivery time is 8 - 21 Business Days. 80% of customers worldwide receive their item in 12-21 business days or less. 18% receive their item in less than 12 days. 2% receive their items after 21 days. Long delivery times are not very common. However, please do not choose slow shipping if you cannot wait up to 40 days.

Average Delivery Times

  • Canada and United Kingdom: 8 - 21 Business days. Sometimes sooner or sometimes longer. 
  • Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Nearby countries and Islands: Delivery time is 12-30 Business days.
  • Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Nearby countries and Islands:  Delivery time is 12-30 Business days
  • Mexico, Israel, Ireland: Delivery time is 12 - 40 business days
  • Eastern Countries: Delivery time is about 21-40 Business days for Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Germany, and Russia. Other countries that experience a longer average delivery time is Mexico, Israel, Ireland, Australia and surrounding countries

Due to customs enforcement and/or shipping delays, some deliveries may take up to 40 business days or more (rarely). Shipping is slower for these countries, but standard shipping is still a great value. Most orders arrive in about 12-21 Business days, but if you cannot wait up to 40 Business days, please choose a faster shipping option. 

By choosing Standard or Economy International Shipping, you agree to wait up to 40 business days. 

If you do not receive your order within 40 days, we will file an insurance claim on your behalf. You will be required to sign a very short insurance form, then we will give you a full refund. If you receive your item after a refund is given, you agree to notify us so that we can close any pending claims and continue to offer shipping to your country. 

Economy (slow) Shipping is the same as standard but they are processed last and can sometimes take up to an additional week to ship out depending on how busy we are. the 40 day waiting requirement does not include any time before the order is shipped. 


PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL: Delivery time is 6-10 days for most countries.

Priority Mail International is the fastest way to get your item delivered. During busy times, orders placed with Priority Mail shipping method will always be processed and shipped first, followed by Standard Shipping Method. On average, Standard Shipping orders ship quickly, but will always be processed last. 

If you want your item delivered quickly, please be sure to select the appropriate shipping method. If you choose a slower shipping method, your patience is appreciated.

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