Incorrect address, un-deliverable, and returned items

In order to have our shipments covered by Paypal (our payment processing partner) Seller protection, we ship all orders to the same exact address you provide during the time you place your order. In most cases, we do not make any modifications to the address, even if our address validation system indicates that your address may be invalid; missing a suite number, apartment, building number, etc.

When an item is un-deliverable

Sometimes (rarely) the post office cannot deliver your package to your address. This can happen for many reasons including:

  • Missing apartment number
  • Incorrect / misspelled address
  • Incomplete address / Missing Info
  • Old address you no longer reside in
  • Mailbox is too small for your package
  • Dog that prevents the mail carrier to deliver the item.
  • Gated Community and more

This can also happen if you just moved into a new address and have not registered your name to this address through the post office. This can also happen for no reason at all; even if the address you provided is correct. There is no way for us to know what the problem is exactly so we can only wait until the post office returns the un-deliverable package back to us.

When an item is scheduled to be returned to us

You may notice an alert on your tracking number stating that the package is not deliverable and that it may be sent back to us. If your items are shipped back to us, there is nothing we can do until we receive your items. Once we receive the items, we will contact you so we can either re-ship the items or cancel the order.

What else can you do?

If you act fast and contact your nearest post office on the same day that they attempted to deliver your item, they may be able to help fix the issue with your address. Check your tracking number and note the postal (zip) code on the last tracking update that mentions an "Arrival" or "Scan."

This zip code may be the location that is attempting to deliver your package. Find your nearest Post Office with that zip code using your Phone gps app, Yelp, Google, etc and ask them about your package. 

If you are lucky, they may be able to attempt re-delivery after fixing the issue with your address, but please understand if they cannot help you, especially if too much time has passed or if the item is already on the way back to us. 

Keeping and re-shipping your order

If your item was not delivered to you because the carrier determined that the address you provided is invalid, insufficient, or if it was a previous address you no longer reside in, or any other factor that prevented or delayed the delivery of your package that is not caused by an error on our part, you may be responsible for additional shipping charges if you choose to have the packaged re-shipped to you. You will receive a new tracking number via email once your order has been re-shipped.

Cancelling and refunding your order (USA)

If you wish to cancel your order instead of having it re-shipped, we will give you a refund, but in most cases, we will not refund shipping costs, especially if the reason that your order was not delivered was due to your error; such as an old or incorrect address. If you are granted a full refund, please refrain from placing a similar order again in an attempt to get around the re-shipment fee as it would be a violation of our Free Shipping Fair Use Policy that protects us from customers looking to take advantage of our free USA shipping program. 

Cancelling and refunding your order (International)

In addition to address issues, sometimes items get shipped back to us after being held by customs. Your items may be held for many reasons. If customs is holding your items, they may be attempting to contact you, or waiting for you to contact them to provide more information for the release of these items. If no communication is established within a certain period, your items will be sent back to us. 

You may choose to have us re-ship the order as mentioned above, but if you would like to cancel the order instead, we will give you a refund for the purchased items but we might not refund you the shipping charges we paid to have your items shipped, especially if the package was not delivered due to an address error of if it was shipped back by customs. 

We are here to help

We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to deal with the post office and other delivery issues. We will do our best to help you through delivery issues like these. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated.

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