Why don't you carry the brand that I like?

One of the main reasons why we may not currently carry items from a brand you love is because we may not have heard about your favorite brand. Contact us if you would like to request that we stock a brand you like.

Recently, we have had some brands, like Admiral Supply, discontinue their wholesale programs in order to sell their items through their own website exclusively. We expect other manufacturers to follow suit. 

There are also other brands that choose not to have their products sold online through Hair Product retailers like Pomade Club for various reasons and prefer to sell their products exclusively on their website and/or Barber Shops.

Some other manufacturers simply do not want Pomade Club to carry their items because of their affiliations or partnerships with existing online pomade retailers, exclusivity agreements, or some sort of conflict of interest.

We respect all decisions made by the manufacturers but we still hope that one day their policies will change. If you would like to help, contact the manufacturers directly and tell them you want to buy their products from Pomade Club. 

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