Wrong item received and re-shipments

We try our best to make sure our all orders are accurately processed. In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong item, please Contact us so we can fix it right away. In most cases, we will be happy ship you the correct item immediately at no additional cost to you. Depending on your location and items ordered, we can offer you several options regarding the incorrect item you received.

Keeping or Purchasing the Incorrect Item

If you wish to keep the item you did not order, we will be happy to make arrangements for payment. You will receive a request for payment via email which you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

Returning the Incorrect item

If you are not interested in keeping or purchasing the incorrect item, we can make arrangements to ship the item back to us. We can send you a shipping label together with the correct item, or you may return the item yourself after we grant you a Return Item Authorization. 

If you do not receive the re-shipment

In the unlikely event that the re-shipment is not delivered to you and considered lost after the specified number of days (in accordance to our item not received policies for your country) we may be able to ship the item a 2nd time if the item is in stock and available. However, please understand if a 2nd re-shipment would not be possible if there is a high probability that your order may get lost again.

Refunds for Missing Items

Pomade Club does not usually offer refunds for missing items. We always prefer to attempt to resolve your issue and get the correct item shipped to you as soon as possible. In some cases where shipping costs are high depending on your location, if we re-shipped your order and it was lost, or any other issue that can affect deliver-ability, we may offer you a refund for the missing items and you are welcomed to place the order again after approval.

We appreciate your cooperation and we thank you for your understanding.

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