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While we are always looking for great pomade manufacturers, we must choose who we do business with carefully. Below are a few things that we require before we consider doing business with you. These guidelines allow us to give everyone an opportunity to have their products sold on

1. A website that showcases your products, prices, photos, item description and other information will help us decide if your product and brand is a good fit for us. Please include a link to your website as well as any links to Facebook, Instgram, etc so we can learn more about your brand.

2. Your product must be high quality and your fomulation must be final. Please do not sell us product with old formulations and if you are thinking about changing the formula soon, let us know. Please also advise us if you are thinking about redesigning the packaging or changing the formula soon to avoid confusing our customers later.

3. We prefer wholesale pricing to be half of your MSRP, unless your product is vegan or use special materials/ingredients. 

4. If your wholesale price is not half of your MSRP, Be sure to offer price breaks or discounts (if any) over certain qty as well as any promotions, sales and free items/stickers to help with initial costs.

4. Your turnaround time must be no more than 14 days after we send payment. We understand production times can vary and we will work with you, but fast turnaround times are greatly appreciated.

5. All shipping charges must be accurate. We recommend shipping small to medium orders in USPS flat rate boxes as USPS provides the best value. If your items are fragile, or if you will be sending a very large order, you may use other carriers such as Fedex or UPS but please make sure to package your items safely to avoid damage.

6. We ask that you publicly announce that your product(s) are available on through social media, once we list on our website. We would also really appreciate a link to on your website's vendors list.

Lastly, please read our turnaround policy, which will help minimize loss and delays that can have major impact on our business. Once you read and agree with the above, please send us a price list and/or item catalog and we will take your products into consideration. Please include any price breaks, bulk quantity discounts, free shipping offers, or promotions if any.

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